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  1. Chamomile Lemongrass Tea

    Chamomile Lemongrass (Formerly Citrus Soother)

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T119

    About Chamomile and this blend...
    Chamomile has been in continuous use throughout the world since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. It is widely accepted as a relaxing and tranquil tea.

    Lemongrass is a tropical plant that grows throughout Central America and has a mild, cool lemon flavour.

    By blending these herbs we have created a soothing, lemony tea that is a great way end to any busy day.


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  2. Senna with Lemongrass Tea

    Senna with Lemongrass Tea

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T5130

    The use of Senna as an herb apparently predates written records. Senna is native to Arabia and Somolia but it now grows in most tropical parts of the world where there is rich soil.
    Senna is frequently combined with aromatic herbs such as Cinnamon, Ginger, Anise, and Fennel. In this tea, we have combined it with tart Lemongrass to add a zesty kick to this powerful herb.

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  3. Lemongrass Cut and Sifted

    Lemongrass Cut and Sifted

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: R18138

    Lemongrass is delicious in herbal tea blends, broths, and goes particularly well with mints, hibiscus and black tea. Try adding a touch where hot, sour or salty flavours are overwhelming to balance a dish.

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  4. Darjeeling Green w Lemongrass

    Green Tea Darjeeling with Lemongrass

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T427

    This medium-bodied tea brews to a light green color and has a lemony start followed by a wonderful mild fruity/grapey taste. It starts smooth and finishes clean, with a “medium” on the pucker power scale of sourness. Enjoy it hot, or brew it extra strong and enjoy iced on a hot summer day. Learn More
  5. Green Tea w ORG Lemongrass

    Chinese Green Tea w Org. Lemongrass

    Designation: Pure Quality
    Item Order #: T477

    Green Tea is celebrated as the original tea in China with its heritage dating back 5000 years. Processing involves 4 steps: picking, steaming, rolling, and roasting. We then use a natural decaffeination process that uses nothing but Carbon Dioxide and water to leach caffeine from the tea.

    This blend combines the flavour of Chinese Green Tea with Organic Lemongrass. For a lemony summer treat try it on ice with a touch of sugar.

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  6. Rooibos (Red Tea) with Lemongrass

    Rooibos (Red Tea) with Lemongrass

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T5177

    Rooibos (also known as Red bush or Red tea) is a native of the mountainous regions of South Africa. Its long needle-like leaves turn a brick red color when bruised. Rooibos is low in tannins and is caffeine-free, but has high levels of antioxidants, even compared to green tea.

    We've blended organic Roobios with Lemongrass and Stevia to create a refreshing lemony pick-me-up.

    Great brewed hot and even better on ice.

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  7. Lemongrass


    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T5158

    Lemongrass is a herb grass with a strong citrus flavour and aroma that grows in many sub-tropical regions of the world, including Southeast Asia through India, Africa, Australia, and parts of South America.

    Lemongrass became a popular addition to herb tea blends in the 1970s and was quickly accepted in Europe. Try adding a teabag of Lemongrass to your favourite black, green, or herb tea. Lemongrass is also excellent by itself, for a thirst quenching lemony treat.It's great hot or cold.

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  8. Hops Flowers with Lemongrass

    Hops Flowers with Lemongrass

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T151

    Used as a food source in Roman times, Hops eventually became a kitchen garden herb in much of Europe. Later, this herb would revolutionize the brewing industry as a beer preservative, starting in the Netherlands.

    Aside from its food and preservative uses, Hops has been in nearly continuous use in Chinese, Native American and traditional European healing systems for over six centuries.

    We have combined Hops with a touch of Lemongrass, to make a taste delight of bitter and zest.

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  9. Feverfew Lemongrass

    Feverfew Lemongrass

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T138

    Feverfew is a native to Europe, but has since been naturalized to North America. It is a strongly aromatic herb that has gained popularity since the 1970s for its medicinal benefits.

    Lemongrass is a herb grass with a strong citrus flavor and aroma. Its ability to blend with other herbs has made it a popular addition to many tea blends.

    Feverfew and Lemongrass combine to complement each other, creating a unique blend with a gentle lemon flavour.

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  10. Korakundah Green Tea, Lemongrass

    Green Tea Decaf Korakundah with Lemongrass

    Designation: Absolutely Organic
    Item Order #: T448

    This premier South Indian decaffeinated Green Tea blend has a delightful medium bodied flavour with a lemony twist. The addition of Lemongrass accentuates the slight citrus flavour of this versatile Green Tea, reflecting its unique local geography. For a lemony summer treat, try it on ice with a touch of sugar.

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