Where to buy Celebration Herbal products

We sell only to health food stores, naturopaths, and other herbal practitioners. If you've checked out a couple health food stores and can't find us, please give us a shout through our contact form and we'll try to connect you with a local store.

In Canada - We sell our tea through distributors across Canada. Most stores already deal with our distribution partners. If they don't know where to find our products, ask them to look up Organic Connections, our family distribution business. We're online at www.orgcon.ca

In USA - We sell though a few distributors who deal across the nation, and we also ship directly to health food stores through our family distribution business, Organic Connections (see www.orgcon.ca). Because the United States is so huge, and we are not, we are unable to fulfill customer's questions of "where can I buy your tea" because most of that business is handled by our distributors.

On the Web - You can also get our products though web retailers. A quick google search will usually show you a few vendors quickly. Here are some vendors who have asked to be listed on our site.

Online retailers: Please contact us if you wish to be included in this list.