Iced Teas good for hot or cold days.

Try any of our teas hot or iced. Here are a few of our favorites.
There's one here for you.

  • Elderberry ~ Made from 100% Elderberries, this tea tastes like a berry cocktail without the added sugar. 

  • Hibiscus with Tropical Fruit ~ Hibiscus tea is bright red, slightly sour and full of vitamin C. Blended with tastes of citrus and slightly sweetened with Stevia, this is one of our favorite iced teas. Brew it for a LONG time for the full flavor to develop. 

  • Red Tea Herbal Orange ~ Red tea comes from South Africa. It is, not surprisingly, red. The tea has flavors like black or heavy green teas, but without the caffeine. Blended with orange peel, lemongrass, hibiscus, and sweetened with Stevia, it's a great flavor hot or iced. For people who prefer a dry tea that you can drink all day. 

  • Red Tea Lemonade ~ Like Red Tea Herbal Orange, above, this is a great tea. Red Tea is blended with lemongrass and sweetened with Stevia to create a simpler, but less rustic flavor. This is for people who prefer simple, uncomplicated flavors. 

  • Rosehips with Lemongrass ~ Tart and fruity, this tea provides a tart kick and a refreshing finish. Brew this tea as long as possible for a fresh, clean flavor. 

  • Licorice Peppermint ~ The flavors of real licorice with a touch of mint. A sweet tasting pick-me-up for hot summer days. 

  • Peppermint ~ Field fresh peppermint tea must be experienced. Expect a mild menthol flavor with a clean finish and an energizing kick. 

  • Green Tea - Chinese Classic Favorite ~ The definitive green tea delivered in true Chinese style. Excellent brewed hot or cold. Don't steep this one too long or it will develop a bitter tannins. 

  • Black Tea - Special Blend Pekoe ~ Our favorite black tea. Expect a mild start with a clean non-bitter finish. This isn't your average black tea. Mild enough to enjoy without cream or sugar, but strong enough to tolerate them. 

  • Citrus Soother ~ A blend of premium Chamomile and lemongrass. A good way to end the day and quench your thirst at the same time.


Brewing Iced Tea

    To make great iced teas, follow these directions:

  • Use twice the recommended amount of tea, and good spring water for great iced teas.
  • Boil your water and pour over the tea. Cover your steeping container and steep your tea for twice as long as usual. A stronger tea is needed as your tastebuds aren't as keen when tasting cold food or drink.
  • Let the tea steep until it's stronger then you would normally enjoy. Remove the teabags and allow it to cool to room temperature before placing in the fridge.
  • Add ice to your not quite full cup of tea to enjoy ice-cold refreshment.


Sun Tea

    Sun tea is not complicated to make. Put cold water and lots of teabags in a glass or dark colored metal steeping container, cover, and place outside in the warm summer sun. After a few hours, you'll find the fresh brewed tea is warm and full of flavor. Enjoy warm, or cool with ice.


Sweetening Naturally

    Sweetening without sugar or honey is easy to do and keeps your calorie/carb count low. Brew your iced tea or sun tea with a teabag of stevia or licorice. Sweeten your morning coffee by dropping in a stevia teabag.

    If stevia on it's own is too sweet, try our "Stevia in a base of Echinacea". This is a blend of Stevia and mild Echinacea that doesn't hamper the sweet flavor, but is significantly less sweet, and has some medicinal benefits.


Blend Your Own

    Experiment with all the different teas available to you. Adding Lemongrass or Lemon Balm to your favorite teas, or mixing different teas together. A great way to discover new flavors. The combinations are endless.